The 3 Fundamental Rules For Living A Happy Life

The 3 Fundamental Rules For How Living A Happy Life

I have pondered this for a long time, and I have established, that there are 3 Fundamental Rules For Living A Happy Life.

My children are growing up fast. My boys are 8 and 7 and are just beginning on their current road. My daughter is only 18 months old and is just learning how to communicate.

Much like all parents I want the best for my children and hope they are successful in whatever they decide to do with their lives. I also want to be a source of inspiration to them as they get older. That’s very important to me.

I see my primary role in their lives as a source of guidance and stimulation, not as a maker of dos and don’ts that they must follow. I try to let them make important decisions themselves and recognise that there are consequences, rather than waiting for me to tell them what’s right and wrong.

With that, I have given them what I see as the three fundamental laws of life. Three “rules” you might say that will guide them on their path. Faced with any difficult decision, they must reflect only on these 3 Fundamental Rules For Living A Happy Life, and they will find the answers.

Rule#1; Respect For All Life.

If there is one thing that holds true above all else, it is that we are one. Trees, rocks, birds, mammals, humans, water, air, everything is simply that. There was a time when I didn’t understand this idea at all. When I heard it said “we are all one” I used to think; ” ye I get that, we are all one human race”.

And yes, that is true but it is a very “on the surface” superficial understanding of the term. What I have come to understand is that we are one at our very fundamental level, consisting of vibrational packets- fluctuations of energy zooming around in the ether, the infinite cloud, governed by consciousness. (Very profound right?)

That is what we are, consciousness. The entire universe is vibration, fluctuation, a movement of energy governed by consciousness. We are more like musical notes than physical entities. We are Uni-verse; One song. However physicality is a part of our existence which can’t and shouldn’t be discounted.

So yes, we are indeed One and therefore respect for ourselves is respect for all living things on this planet, and not only living so called animate things, but inanimate things also should be afforded respect, because when we see who we are, respect for all existence as an extension of ourselves is unavoidable.

So ask yourself, when facing a difficult decision;

Am I showing respect to everything and everyone by doing what I am doing?

Rule#2; Break The Rules.

We are more powerful than we would care to believe, but we restrict our own growth. We are more afraid of what we might rise to be, than that we might fall into so all the things we fear prevail. Many are content being told what to do and when to do it. How much money we can earn, How we should live, who we should love, who to hate and who to kill.

Many of us, at least in this version of reality, will never realise our full potential. We endure the will of others rather than witness the heights of our own creation. Fear is our constant whispering companion.

I believe the laws of man are made to be broken. These laws are made to harness and restrict and control other human beings. Not only do we have the right, but we have an obligation under the laws of the universe to break the laws of man, to make new ones, better ones and ones that promote growth and love, not fear and hatred.

Humanity will never progress to greater levels of consciousness until we break free from the fear that keeps us quiet, reserved and obedient to other men. Wars will continue, hate will prevail and separation will be obvious until we raise the combined consciousness of the planet.

In contrast, the laws of the Universe cannot be broken, our lives are governed by them invisibly and eternally. We get what we ask for every time, and currently this is reflected in both the good and the bad that prevail in our society worldwide.

Rule#3; Don’t Get Caught.

Men (mostly, it’s very rarely women) seek to control others for the purpose of power and financial gain-It’s a total Ego trip. When we are unaware of our divinity we go along believing that we are powerless under the strong arm of these people. In fact some don’t even have an understanding of the lack of their own power, they simply see it as “that’s just the way it is” (Bruce Hornsby & The Range! Remember that tune?)

They create rules and regulations within the system of society that we can choose to go along with or not. When we are in our own power we can see it for what it is, we can see it clearly and step around the things we don’t like and right into the things we do like.

Once we get in control of our mind we can pick and choose whatever we want from the buffet. We can see it’s all a psychological game, and we can play it our way or play it their way as we please.

The problems arise for us when we play the game unconsciously and automatically. When we swing on the pendulum of life governed by the rules of men we invariably break their rules, and when we do we get punished, we suffer.

Our job therefore in respect to this, is to rise above this material world level of consciousness to a level of Mastery. The master moves freely in the world of Ego unaffected by the swing of the pendulum of life.

You are not here to learn anything, you are here to master mastery itself- Conversations with God.

My Philosophy

These 3 Fundamental Rules Of How To Live A Happy Life are like the legs on a three legged stool, each is dependant on the other two in order to remain intact. Once we learn how to live by these three internal rules we create the ability, the potential to live the life we desire outside the drama of the Ego led world.

The Kybalion was a great influence on me and my current thinking. It opened my mind to a truth I always thought was there but was unsure. I’m not sure how I came across The Kybalion but it, along with other material such as Seth- by Jane Roberts, changed my understanding of what I am and what this world is in relationship to me.

The Kybalion is a worthwhile read for anyone wishing to find answers to deeper life questions. I believe it was the material I found in The Kybalion that allowed me to see the truth of things.

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I'm a Blogger, Marathon Runner, Husband & Dad to 3 kids. I started Wokenmind so I could share with you all my thoughts on Existence, Consciousness and The Universe. I used to think "there's got to be something more to life" then I found out that there is none, and yet there is. It turns out, it is quite literally what we make it.

  • Thanks for the post Larry and thanks for the tips about “The Kybalion” and the “Seth” books. I have them on my Kindle now.

    When you say “I’m not sure how I came across The Kybalion” I was amazed because I feel the same way about so many books. Somehow I feel that the books seem to find us, rather than we find them.

    I’m starting to see the same truth in so many books (even books separated by centuries). When you strip away the insignificant stuff, it seems like the same truth and the same story is everywhere. You just have to look for it and not get distracted.

    Enjoyed your article. Without rule #1, the second two might be a bit dangerous. Rule #1 has to be at the base of everything. I think the universe is built on love. Love, respect, compassion in all directions and unconditionally.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Thanks for commenting Peter. I agree, all the material that I come accross leads to the same message. Language is a funny thing, it can be open to all sorts of misinterpretation based on our understanding of the world, social conditioning etc. I think as a starting point that we center within ourselves then the truth will become apparent.
      Without thorough explanation rule 2 and 3 could be misinterpreted for sure. I like them because they stimulate some thought, it’s not just about “here, follow these rules and you’ll be ok”. Religion does that and it doesn’t work. People need to take responsibility for themselves and trust their own inherent ability to find answers to life questions. That which we call God is within and available to us all at all times, we just have to ask.