A Truth Short :: Your World Is A Mirror Of Your Inner Self

Life Mirror

Have you ever wondered why, when you and a friend are discussing someone that you both happen to know, you both have a different opinion of them?

This is a demonstration of The Mirror Effect and can be seen clearly where both observers have a differing evaluation of the subject. You see a nice person, someone who is kind and friendly. Your friend sees someone who is deceitful and unsubstantial. Why is that? The person you both refer to is the same person for both of you, so why do you both see someone different?

The reason you both see the person differently is because interacting with that person you resonate with them based on both your dominant frequencies. Falling “In Love” with someone is an example of the same phenomenon. Bottom line is you are out of balance and you find the balance that your subconscious requires in that other person. Your most judgmental views are mirrored to you in others who compliment your out of balance judgmental view of the universe.

Judge not lest ye be judged Matthew 7:1

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