Conformity Is The Destruction Of Creativity

Old School Conformity

Our society is built on rules and regulations. Rules and regulations created by men to control others. This can be seen all too well in the educational system. It kills every bit of creativity in our kids in favour of a pre-defined paradigm of how we should live.

My son is in high infants, he is 6 years old. He came home to me and said;

School have a stupid rule that we can not run in the yard

I told him the whole world is full of stupid rules, and you will need to decide whether or not they apply to you.


The universe is infinitely deep and wide. The potential for our species is limitless and yet we place so many limits on ourselves. We are like a blank page stretching out forever in all directions. Our potential to create when we enter this world is infinite yet we have education systems that stifle and restrict our kids. Our kids must be suitably academically minded to do well, to get good grades, go to college and to succeed. If they show a particular talent for something we dissuade them from pursuing it exchange for a life of boredom, fulfillment of a predefined misaligned ideal and dissatisfaction.

It’s like we’ve drawn 2 narrow parallel lines on the infinitely large blank page and called it The education system. We tell our kids fall in between these two lines and you’ll be OK. You’ll get a job and once you work hard you’ll get house and a spouse and a pension, get into debt and struggle to pay off your bills for most of your life.

We Need Change

The current education system is archaic and antiquated. It is from a time of our grandparents and before. It is a system that produces robots from an assembly line ready for transition to another assembly line called work and debt and death.

Our systems need to change. Our kids are too valuable for it to stay the same. Our planet and the survival of our species depends on it. I’m speaking of freedom from the self imposed chains that bind us. I’m speaking of allowing our kids the space to become so connected to their centre and all they can be, that it becomes impossible for them not to be successful.


Creation comes from a connection to The Truth, the artist knows this. Conformity puts kids in the same uniform and expects them to meet the predetermined criteria for success. When they don’t measure up we label them as Dyslexic or Autistic or tell them they have ADHD and pump them full of drugs to “cure” them.

The world was meant to be diverse and unique in every corner. We are not built to be all the same. Why do we have a system of education that expects all kids to be the same? Creation is infinite and enters this world through us. It is our duty to let it through without the impedance conformity brings.

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