Do We Have Free Will Or Are Our Lives Preordained?

Do We Have Free Will?

It’s a question that’s debated frequently between scientists and philosophers; Do We Have Free Will Or Are Our Lives Preordained?

I used to think we had ultimate choice to create whatever we want here, in every single moment, and I still believe that this is the case. However, at the cosmic level we have no choice whatsoever.

Ok, let’s get into this at the bottom and work up…

A Being In A Body

It is my understanding that we are cosmic beings that inhabit physical existence. “We are beings in a body, not a body being” as it’s said in the book Conversations with God. I’m not religious by the way, religion has some very distorted views of fundamental reality in my opinion. By “God”, when I refer to it, I mean Infinite Intelligence. Anyway, it’s the title of the book, a good one too.

If you speak to anyone who works with dying people they will tell you that after a person dies, their lifeless body is only a shell that’s left behind. Whoever was there before is gone, somewhere else.

My wife is a nurse and she tells me stories of older people who die. She says that when a person who has suffered dies, the suffering contorted face now looks serene and peaceful. The person who was there before, together with all their life creations has left.

The body we occupy here we get to sculpt the way we wish, it is a reflection of an inner self, it is a vehicle you could say. With just a little investigation we can easily come to the realisation that we are not our bodies alone, but something more amazing than that.

This fact is very clear to me now, however it was a very scary discovery when it came, very unnerving, and emotional too. It was a kind of awakening to the truth of our existence and I wanted to know more. I believe everyone will inevitably undergo this process to one degree or another.

I am very comfortable with the idea that we can override biology with free will.- Richard Dawkins


We are consciousness and we are ever present and eternal. We are like individualised streams of light from a single source. Consciousness is in an almost eternal stage of growth, like the Universe, and The Universe is a function of consciousness, a creation of consciousness, and exists by virtue of our collective subconsciousness agreement.

Everything we witness here is consciousness objectified. It is all a creation of consciousness. Science and the study of the physical Universe, via Quantum Physics is beginning to understand this but is slow in it’s progress because it seems so far-out and science-fiction for the analytical mind to comprehend.

We are consciousness in it’s entirety, both the awake conscious mind and the quiet background subconscious mind. We are all of it and as such we get to create the experience we wish. To that extent we have free will, but to a larger extent we do not.

In other words we are on the path to higher states of consciousness and there is nothing we can do about it. We are in constant expansion. Life experience is the means to go there, it is the vehicle. We can fight our progression and development but eventually we will reach that higher state.

In our physical existence we have a limited awareness and this limited awareness keeps the truth of things from us. Decisions made from the limited awareness cause us problems, it’s what makes life seem outside our control. When we resist these life experiences that allow us this expansion we feel pain.

God is not willing to do everything, and thus take away our free will and that share of glory which belongs to us. – Niccolo Machiavelli

Playing The Game

I believe that we are here in physical existence to self realise, to realise a much broader intelligence, and in doing so experience ourselves in our entirety. It seems to me that we deny the truth of our existence to ourselves. It’s just too far-out for us to accept.

Look around you. How many people do you see playing the game at less that you see them capable of? These people are everywhere. There are people who you KNOW are able for much more than they allow themselves to experience but they just are simply too afraid, or believe themselves unable.

They are playing such a small game and you know it’s a waste. With that realisation, do you think there might be someone looking at you who sees that you are capable of more? How much more are you capable of that you won’t allow yourself experience?

Now take that further, and further, and further…When you do this you see that there is no limit to what you can achieve, you just don’t allow yourself dare to imagine it. It simply is a matter of progress and a willingness to grow.

Feeling Your Way

We human beings have such a misunderstanding of what our emotions mean. Instead of being guided by our emotions, we have been schooled to be guided by rules and regulations. We’ve decided to our detriment to give prominence to the analytical intelligence over the emotional intelligence.

Analytical intelligence uses data to make decisions. Emotional intelligence uses feeling. “Use your gut” it will never lead you astray, we know this but many of us ignore it. Our emotional intelligence is far more reliable than analytical intelligence, how can we go wrong when we trust our gut!

Making decisions in life and determining our own direction is so important and can only be done successfully when we do so to our own benefit first. How can we benefit others if we are not moving from our centre, when we don’t move with our gut instinct?

Our emotional intelligence is the guiding light from our inner self, from our subconscious mind, of the correctness of the choice we are about to make. In our physical existence, where we get to choose every single moment and create the life we desire, is it not obvious that our emotional intelligence is our built in feedback system?

A Part Of Nature

We are a part of nature, we are not separate from it. We are not alien species created outside of the entire Universe and dropped in here to see how we get on. We are of The Universe, we come out of it. We are of the environment the same way as trees are.

As far as free will is concerned we may have a degree of it, but much like the tree we are bound to growth. In our case ultimately it’s about growth of consciousness. This is the only difference between us and the trees and everything else on the planet, and the entire Universe for that matter.

Like everything else here in physicality, we become more or become less, under the influence of the greater cycle of things. Physically we are subject to the same laws of growth and decay. But I believe this is up for discussion with the Gods!

At some point we will progress to such an extent consciously that we will be able to exercise the choice to be here physically and also stand aside from the cycles of physical reality. Yes that’s a bit far-out, but it’s just a tad obvious to me.

But at any rate, the point is that God is what nobody admits to being, and everybody really is. – Alan Watts

So Do We Have Free Will Or Not?

The question remains; Do We Have Free Will?

In broad Cosmic terms, No. I don’t believe we do. We are GOING BIG! and there’s nothing we can do about it.

In general life on earth terms, Yes. I believe we do, we are creators! Eventually it will not matter what we choose, because in the end we all return to that broader awareness that we came from. I don’t know about you but I want to experience that greatness here and now, I don’t want to wait until I die.

The only thing stopping me is me, and what I think of myself. What’s stopping me and millions of others is that we are concerned what others might think of us if we try something new.

The funny thing is, all the people we think are looking at us are more preoccupied with what everyone else thinks of them to concern themselves with you. It’s more likely that they’ll look at you with amazement and admiration for what you’ve achieved than to ridicule you for trying.

A heavy investment in other peoples opinions of us is what keeps us from so much as trying something bold. At some stage you just gotta say fuck it! I’m just going to do it anyway, because life is too short.

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  • Thanks for the article Larry. What you write about is so switched-on that I’m sure it’s going to be too much for most people. I just want to let you know that it really rings a chord within me.

    I agree with you that we have free will to choose the experiences we want here on Earth, but no matter what we pick we can’t fail. As you say, we’re going big and we can’t stop that.

    Thanks again for the article and please keep sharing your thoughts and your feelings. I certainly appreciate it.

    Peter Whiting.

    • Thanks for your comments Peter I really appreciate it. It’s not they type of stuff you can just start a conversation around the dinner table on, and I need an outlet. lol! My wife thinks I just a bit mad…

      Thanks again though, the feedback makes it worthwhile!

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  • The free will is that what gives us the “feeling” that we do what we decided, If we realise that we did something wrong we have the free will to change the “wrong done”.
    Free will is genuine compound with “being human”.