The Search For The Theory Of Everything Is A Waste Of “Time”

Albert Einstein

The search for the theory of everything, the answer to our existence, the reason why we are here and what created the universe as we know it is a complete waste of “time” and effort.

Is creation amazing? You better believe it is amazing. But there’s no point looking for “The Answer” because we are creating the whole thing by virtue of our searching. Expecting to find a physical answer is just silly. You cant come up with a formula for it or produce a drawing of it because our ability to explanation is just so way off the mark. It can not be done because we are attempting to explain something beyond our minds.

It’s not in the physical world so we cant explain it with physical tools. The physical world is born from it, it’s a one way data stream, it’s a diode in an electronic circuit, you can not get back up there, unless you decide to leave here that is. It’s not a software program or a airplane engine, it’s God. It’s the creative force behind us. It’s the mother of our physical universe, of which ironically, we are an integral part.

Universal Perception

The universe would not exist for us if we were not here. There would be no Universe if we did not perceive it in our consciousness in the first place. It is through our sensory equipment- eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin that we gather information from the infinite field. Our brains process this information and we experience what we experience through our own SELF. If You and I were not here our world would not be here for us. Beyond our individual illusory form we are all one, so if one of us dies then the world is still here for the rest of us.


You might say that we dig the ground and find evidence that the world existed through others that came before us but that’s still our minds, we create that experience. You might say that we dig the ground and find dinosaur fossils that show the world as it was millions of “years” ago, but that’s just our creation also. There is no millions of years ago in actual reality, all there is is infinite now. A field of energy or potential energy that exists whether we are capable of perceiving particular portions of it or not.

Nothing is New

When we experience something new it’s not that the thing is new, it was always there, it’s just that our minds have opened a window through which to experience it. When we experience things in a group or with at least one other person then we are on the same perceptive wavelength- literally. Our brains, our minds, our consciousness is sending and receiving invisible messages every moment of the day and we align and adhere to others of like frequency. Our thoughts are not secret.

Example: When you take a vibrating tuning fork and bring it very close to another tuning fork the second tuning fork begins to vibrate at the same frequency as the first tuning fork.

Language is Flawed

Words can hardly explain this fundamental truth in a manner that can be easily understood. You either get it or you don’t. The understanding, like everything else in the universe is already in existence you just need to move your consciousness into alignment with it. Words will only get you so far, there must be a realisation, a learning, a discovery, an understanding after the words. Conceptualising is not understanding.

I can learn all the theory in the universe about riding a bike but if I never get up on the bike and fall off a few times I will never really understand what it means to ride a bike.


Our mind is only capable of witnessing a certain bandwidth of the Infinite Frequency. It’s like we are looking at God’s creation through a telescope seeing only a small portion of whats there.

God is not separate from us and we are not separate from God. We are one. God is not a bearded bloke sitting on a cloud in a long white dress dishing out good and bad as he or she feels like it. God is not man or woman either.

God is not human and God does not look like a human. God is the essence of everything and we can experience God if we’d like to. Just shut out the noise and listen.

I see us and God as a single infinite rotational sphere of creation forever experiencing by virtue of our searching. So here’s the Divine Paradox: Searching is ultimately futile and almost infantile. However, It’s creating our experiences and will bring us to the point of understanding and realisation of The Truth.

The search for the Theory of everything and what created the universe can not be discovered from our limited physical dimension. We are here to experience and to love and to play and be happy and to enjoy as much as we possibly can. For what ultimate reason we will uncover when we leave here. For now we must enjoy the ride.


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  • The search for the TOE is a waste of time? Au contraire. No more so than the search for the TOA (theory of anything). The search is the search, and it justifies itself by its very existence. We may not find an answer to the TOE, but surely we should not discontinue the search. To search is to be human. And we have found answers to many things that at one point were considered beyond the bounds of knowing. Is language the limiting factor? Then the search can continue without language, beyond language, and no one may be able to explain (satisfactorily) the answer. But that does not mean that an answer does not exist. Please take this back; take it all back. You are wrong by definition. And you are right only to the extent that you can convince yourself that you are right. Therefore you are wrong.