How To Organize Your Life And Create Success By Default

How To Organise Your Life

Ever wonder why results are not what you wanted or intended? Ever look at your life and ask why is it not what I planned?

There is a reason why your life is the way it is and I’m going to show you how to turn things around in your favour.

I know, I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll keep saying it. We must take 100% responsibility for our life circumstances. It is all too easy to project blame on to someone else for how we feel, and when we do we abdicate our authority and power.

Taking responsibility for our own lives is a critical shift in individual consciousness that leads to our happiness and success. This can not be forced or coerced, it only comes by virtue of self realisation and takes time.

Our World Is A Mirror

Our environment is a reflection of our inner state of mind. Look around you in your immediate environment, your office, your home etc, is it the way you’d like to see it? A better question might be; How tidy and organised is it?

When you cook a meal, are you methodical or scattered? Do you clean as you go, or do you let everything build up until your kitchen looks like a war zone?

A well organised space reflects a well organised mind. A scattered disorganised space reflects a scattered disorganised mind. Your mind, and all that it thinks, perceives, dreams, ponders and imagines, is the source of all good and bad you experience.

Our world is a mirror of our most inner thoughts, fears and imaginings. We can not escape this fundamental truth no matter how hard we deny it. We may find means of rationalising favourable or unfavourable circumstances but the mirror never lies.

You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you. – James Allen

The Singularity

It is right to point out that being organised in the things you do is not something that will ensure your success, whatever success means for you, but is a result of a steady and focused mind, which in turn can only bring success.

There is nothing you can do that will ensure your success and happiness. “Doing” is never the answer to your problems. “Being” rather, is the only answer. “Being” comes forth from the singularity, the Zero Point Zone, the point from which everything emerges. This is the quiet space of the peaceful mind.

Your consciousness is like a tree, it grows of itself. The tree does not think like we do and doesn’t have to. It doesn’t have problems because it has no Ego to create them. It comes into physical reality by virtue of the ever present need and desire of consciousness to become more.

When we realise this is true of us too, then all effort will be focused in the right direction and not wasted on preservation of a false idea of ourselves. It’s this false idea of ourselves that brings about all the unfavourable circumstances that we spend our lives trying to change.


Acceptance is a trendy new-age term but is probably not exactly the best word here. Surrender is another word that some people use to describe what I want to convey but is a little unhelpful too. Non-resistance is better. Non-resistance to circumstances recognises that what we experience is merely the result of previous thought.

When we reach a quiet and present state of consciousness then these virtues are a natural occurrence. Non-resistance comes forth from this same state of mind which leads to success and happiness. So no need to get uptight, just get quiet and let it go.

From what I’ve written thus far you might think that I have all this stuff down to a fine art, but I assure you I have my challenges too. However I say without a shadow of a doubt, my life has become simpler and more relaxed and certainly happier since I have adopted the certain principles.

How To Organize Your Life

We have become creatures of habit and habit has been formed in us by default by the world we live in. Our actions are the product of our thoughts and our thoughts are likely not our own creation.

Our thoughts predominantly may be ours, but we didn’t give rise to them, we rather picked them up from our environment out of our will to conform and be accepted. Our thoughts and beliefs lead to action and action brings results. The good news this can change all this with one simple practice.

The Practice

Each day, maybe even twice per day if possible, we must take the time to quieten our minds from all the noise of the world that surrounds us. Sit in your preferred chair, hands on your lap, feet flat on the floor.

You need quiet for this. In time you will be able to make any action in life, in any circumstance, quiet or not, a meditation, but for now get a quiet space.

Turn the phone off, disconnect the doorbell, shutdown the PC and close all other possibilities for distraction for 15 to 20 mins.

It’s best to do this while no one else is at home, especially when it’s new and others are not used to seeing you meditate.

Set a timer if you like, or you can use an audio like this one; Abraham General Wellbeing Meditation

Close your eyes and focus on your breath entering and leaving your body. Your mind will drift like crazy at first but in time it will get easier.

Do this daily and I promise you will see great benefits.

Seeing Results

Have a positive expectation of feeling better and you will. It is important that you do not try to “get” anything out of this other than peace of mind, other favourable circumstances will come about by default. And remember, you have nothing to do, only to feel good and peaceful in mind.

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