I Am Of God

At the center of your being

I am calm, centered, focused, assured and aware

I am a center knowledge, wisdom, understanding and power

I am energy, I am light, I am spirit

I am thought substance,

I am pure consciousness

I am of God.

I am connected to the universal and infinite source of all love, peace, harmony, wealth and abundance

It fuels my spirit, mind and body in every moment in every day

I am of God.

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About Larry G. Maguire

I'm a Blogger, Marathon Runner, Husband & Dad to 3 kids. I started Wokenmind so I could share with you all my thoughts on Existence, Consciousness and The Universe. I used to think "there's got to be something more to life" then I found out that there is none, and yet there is. It turns out, it is quite literally what we make it.