“I Can’t” :: The Bastardisation Of All Growth Possibility In The Conscious Universe

I can't says a lie about you

If there is one phrase in the English language that I absolutely abhor it is “I Can’t”. We use it increasingly to avoid any effort to find answers where there are seemingly none. The utterance of it is the single most destructive force against all possibility of growth In The Conscious Universe.

On it’s own the word “not” is not exactly destructive, it merely is useful to indicate a position that is opposite another- a position of fact. But put it, or it’s commonly utilised slightly shorter sibling “n’t”, in the vocabulary of a weak minded person and it negates for them all that is possible in the universe.

Let’s be clear; There is no such thing as “Can’t” unless you create it. “Can” is the action word and it comes first. The possibility of creation, the chance of a result comes first and so has the position of power. The ‘t is the add-on, it comes afterwards and is the addition, the negation of an already established ability to create. Of course behind all this is the intent, the words have no power on their own. These words must have an emotion or intent attached in order to bring actuality to the one who speaks them.


The mindset that accompanies the person who is comfortable using the term “I Can’t” is one of lack and of limited ability. They believe that they were thrown into the world with not enough knowledge, skill and resources to carry out a given function and have no chance of access to same. As soon as the word is uttered all power in the hands of the speaker is removed. Irrational fear of a future that has not happened yet prevails. However, great power awaits them on the other side of helplessness.

I can’t do it, so I’ll have to go without, or wait until someone comes along who can do it for me, poor me.

There is a light

It is a significant climb out from the hole that we may find ourselves in, when we believe in our hearts that the ability to solve a problem that now presents to us is not available. Millions of people across the planet have relinquished their God given power to be everything they wished to be. Instead choosing to empower the few, the politicians, religious organisations, educational systems, spouses, bullies.

The good news is that the light of unlimited power of the entire universe is available to us all in an instant. The instant before the decision is made to “Do” something about our predicament, there is an impulse from beyond conscious thought that drives us towards change. It single handedly empowers us to break through the self imposed boundaries like a fist through a wet paper bag.


Unfortunately, or not, depending on your standpoint, there is a required prior necessary tear down of all that we perceive to be real and true. It is this belief of the world as we perceive it to be, and the systems that bind our belief, that creates the the irrational fear that keeps us from The Truth, from our ultimate freedom and happiness. We are scared of what will happen to us should we take the step. This fear keeps every great man and woman from what is rightfully theirs.

But something is pushing us, something calls us, otherwise we would not be pulled apart, we would not feel this stress. We are being constantly drawn to the domain of truth and fulfillment and at the same time we are being held by a similar but less powerful force. From this lesser force we experience anxiety, the fear of loss of identity, fear of loss of what we’ve spent a lifetime building up. We would gladly stay in the status-quo, but something inside is telling us to take the step. This more powerful force is the force of God. (not religion don’t confuse the two. I did so for many years).

The Solution

Resolve today to remove the word “Can’t” to the scrap heap. If you must use it then add “at the moment because…” and add a reason as to why you “can not do”, then work to the point where you “can do”. Be conscious of the automatic use of the word in your daily life and when you catch yourself using it correct yourself openly. You will move to a point where you become aware that you are about to use it and you can correct yourself before you utter it. You will begin to breakdown old habitual tendencies to deny your own power and you will create new neural pathways within your brain that lend themselves towards progress and progression of you in the world. Your life will begin to change, you will see new opportunities where there were none before.

I guarantee it, if you resolve to make this one change to your attitude to the world, it will begin to bend to your will and you will cease to be broken against circumstance. You will regain your God given power and begin to realise your divinity.

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