Is There Life After Death? Our Greatest Fear Is Ceasing To Exist

Is There Life After Death?

Probably the most intriguing question I found myself ponder is; When I die is that the end, will I cease to exist, Is there life after death?

I have come to the realisation that to even ask the question is pointless, because it’s so obvious to me now that I am more than a skin bag of bones. I feel it is not possible to contemplate not existing.

Ego Dominance

Life is consciousness made apparent in physical reality. We are consciousness making our appearance here in the multitude of Ego forms that we see around us, but our dominant way of life keeps this secret.

The system of society and the beliefs that we have collectively built keeps the truth of life hidden from us. Death has become a dirty word because it means the end of the Ego and the Ego cannot bear to contemplate it’s end.

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.- Mark Twain

We purposely keep the truth from our children in order to spare them the trauma of realising that one day they will die, when in fact it is the potential for trauma that is created by our secrecy and ignorance of the truth. Death has become the biggest taboo of our time.

The Ego is a psychological state of being of consciousness and is required for us to function in physical reality. It is not to be transcended or defeated as some sudo-gurus will lead us to believe. Our challenge is to realise it is an integral part of us but only a small part player. It alone is not who we are.

The Law of Conservation of Energy

The law of conservation of energy states that the total energy of an isolated system cannot change—it is said to be conserved over time. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form.

We are energy and energy can not be created or destroyed. This is a fundamental law of The Universe. We are consciousness. Consciousness is energy. We are energy in motion. We are Kinetic energy, potential energy. We are the source of all things in realisation of itself.

Every cell of our body is the proliferation of energy in physical form, and we can not be destroyed. We might seem to be destroyed when we die but this is an illusion. It is only a half truth. We simply change form.

The Expansion of Consciousness

Life and death are two sides of the same coin you might say. They are the swing of the pendulum to the left and then to the right in perpetual motion. They are the entry and exit points for consciousness into physical reality.

Life is a narrowly focused aspect of consciousness and death is the moment of broadening of the same consciousness. Death is not a state of non existence of being as many people think, but a transition to a higher state of consciousness.

We don’t go somewhere when we die, it is simply that the element of consciousness that projected here becomes aware of the multiple aspects of itself that in the physical state are hidden from it. If we look to nature we can see the expansion of consciousness at play.

This existence of ours is as transient as autumn clouds. To watch the birth and death of beings is like looking at the movements of a dance. A lifetime is like a flash of lightning in the sky. Rushing by, like a torrent down a steep mountain- Gautama Buddha

From Acorn to Oak

Look at the Oak tree. From the time the seed hits the soil the process begins. The process is actually perpetual but lets break it down and take the casting of the seed as the beginning.

The seed gathers information from it’s environment in the form of chemicals that it uses in the construction of more of itself. The energy, the intelligence that it is at its source, gathers the information packets and rearranges them into the building blocks of the oak tree.

The pattern is set well before the seed is even formed. It’s built into the architecture, the blueprint of the oak tree. Over the course of the existence of the oak tree it casts off and recreates parts of itself continually. This pattern coincides with the seasons we have come to recognise.

The growth of the Oak tree represents that which comes of itself in a single process that only ever exists now and spans infinity. It is the eternal cycle that consciousness plays out. It represents the expansion of consciousness at the physical level, and is a microcosm of the macrocosm.

The Human Body

Our physical bodies do the same thing right before our eyes, albeit very slowly. Our bodies cast off skin, hair and other cells constantly over time. We are in a constant state of regeneration. Our bodies take in nutrients from food we eat and energy in the form of light from our sun and use this material in conjunction with electromagnetic thought forms to create new cells that form our structure.

There is very little difference between us and the tree. At an atomic level we are exactly the same. The only difference being we possess an Ego and have the ability to create ourselves as we wish. We are on the leading edge of consciousness and we get to play. The tree is limited in its ability but possesses the same life force operating in the background as we do. It is that which happens of itself without conscious effort.

It’s worth mentioning here that when we connect to this background higher state of consciousness we access the knowing and ability to become everything without effort.

Endogenous regeneration in the brain is the ability of cells to engage in the repair and regeneration process. While the brain has a limited capacity for regeneration, endogenous neural stem cells, as well as numerous pro-regenerative molecules, can participate in replacing and repairing damaged or diseased neurons and glial cells.- Wikipedia

Embracing Death

We can not deal with death because we are afraid, and we are afraid because we do not understand the truth, and the truth is we are eternal, we are source energy. For us to mourn and grieve at the loss of a loved one is to feel separation from our source at the most acute level. But source never leaves us, it is who we are. It is always present. It is us in our Ego state that chooses to leave source, and when we do we feel negative emotion.

Fear and Death are coupled together in our collective psyche. It simply is not possible for us to accept death as a wonderful transition to a higher plane while Ego is leading us. All the imagery and teaching that is prominent in the world tell a tale of desperation, loss and woe in all death circumstances.

Health care’s primary function for example is to save lives. For medical practitioners to lose a person while under care is for them to have not done enough, it is the ultimate failure. Society says that to die is the end and must be avoided at all costs. For a young seemingly healthy person to die is tragic. For a child to die is completely unacceptable.

This is such a narrow view of who we are and the sooner society comes to grips with the equilibrium of life and death then the sooner we will be able to live happy and contented lives, in peace and tolerance with one another, and in acceptance of death.

When Ego led dominance is set aside we will witness the true nature of consciousness taking a foothold, bringing peace and respect for all life and environment to our planet.

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  • Colin Silver

    For most of my adult life I have been a spiritualist, led there by a curious youngster. So life after death is normality for me. That is, until I read one of the Seth books, where Seth states that we are as dead now s we are ever likely to be. This struck such a chord, I was laughing for hours.

    • You got me smiling there Colin….That’s a pretty real statement….

  • Hannah

    but how am i to let go of Ego.

    • Hello Hanna,
      You never truly let go of ego until you pass on from this life. Your Ego is your identity here, it distinguishes you from everyone else. There is a whole misconception built up in flawed new-age thinking that says we must cast off the Ego, and this is very unhelpful.

      The challenge is to identify the larger more real self that we are, and bring that higher self more into being in the physical world. The Ego lives the life and desires and wants and becomes and experiences. The higher self delivers what we ask for whether we (the Ego) perceives it good or bad.

      Do more of what you enjoy doing. Meditate. Don’t stress about it. Live your life according to your own values, not according to others. There is no punishment after this life, only bliss. Forget about letting go of the Ego, create it as you wish it to be. In other words be yourself whoever that may be. Have fun, life is short.


  • Drea

    Nice articles.

    But when you say a higher level conscious and to go to a ‘higher plane’ not sure what your meaning.