Law Of Resonance :: If A Tree Falls In The Forest, Does It Make A Sound?

Sound Waves

If a tree falls in the forest and you are not there to hear it, does it make a sound?

The fact is, if you were not there then it didn’t. The Law of Resonance is at work here and it says we must have consciousness present for there to be perception, and hence sound.

If you were not there it didn’t happen for you. If you did not experience it then you have no account of it. If you have no account of it, then you rely on the account of others to form a picture in your mind of it.

It doesn’t matter what it is, you need to experience it directly to know it. Everything we experience is absolutely personal. We might be in the company of others under particular circumstances and experience a thing together, but we will have slightly different, or even radically different accounts of the event. Experiencing is knowing. Without direct experience of a thing we do not know it truly, we only hold a concept of it in our minds. We have an intellectual understanding of it but that’s where it stops.

When contemplating this question you will need to clear you mind of all concepts of tress falling otherwise you are pre-conditioned and therefore can not study this objectively.

Vibrational Effect

Everything in the Uni-verse is vibrational and The Law of Resonance shows this. You see this every time you turn on a light, even though you may not realise it. You are quite literally turning on and off many many times each second, just like electricity flowing in a circuit.

Let’s imagine you are sitting in a classroom and the teacher has moved through a particular topic. In a moment- bang! you get it. You suddenly grasp the entirety of what the teacher has been talking about. Do you know why this has occurred? Well I’ll tell you…

It’s because you and the teacher have become perfectly vibrationally aligned at the same frequency. You, the teacher and the space between you resonate together in perfect alignment. Your teacher has a concept in her mind and she wishes to convey it to you, she wishes to share it.

She has a concept in her mind. She instructs her vocal cords to vibrate and send out noises that represent the concept she wishes you to understand. The vibrations from her vocal chords hit your inner ear and cause them to vibrate. Your nervous system transfers this information to your brain, and your brain conveys the information to your mind. If your mind is open to the learning, ie if it’s tuned in to this frequency then you comprehend the concept, you get it.

Therefore you need to be in the vicinity of the sound vibration in order to hear the sound. You need to be there for it to be alive in your awareness, for you to KNOW it. In your absence, it may be alive in some other student’s awareness but that’s theirs, not yours. Your entire experience in the world is totally personal, nobody else can ever have that for you, it is yours.

One Person in The World

Let’s say there was only one person in the world, how do you think they would experience the world? There is no one else to tell them stories of other things they have not seen or done. There is no one else to bring to them news of the fantastic wonders of the world that await them beyond the boundaries of their experience. No pictures for them to form in their mind, so the rest of the world for them literally does not exist.

It’s all well to suggest that it does exist but there is no way to prove it unless you experience it. Have you ever been to Katmandu? No? So how do you know it exists? Just because someone else says it’s there doesn’t mean it’s there as far as YOU are concerned. How do you know it’s there? You’ve never experienced it. You’ll need to go there and experience it for yourself.

There Must Be Three

In order for there to be the experience of listening to the radio there must be three things; the transmitter, the medium of transmission, and the receiver. All three must exist for there to be the existence of experience. This trinity requires YOU in order to exist. In order for you to see the stars there must be the stars, you, and the space between.

You have heard the basic fundamental of stability right? The three legged stool? This is that same principle at work. This is the same principle as I explained above. Radio, TV and other means of communication are just means of transmitting information over not a longer distance, but a more direct route to your awareness.

The Law of Resonance

You evoke sound and light from the environment. There would be no light in the world if there were no eyes to see it. There would be no sound if there were no ears to hear it. It’s the human nervous system that converts vibration into what we perceive as light, sound and everything else in the perceivable Universe.

There is no experience without all three operating at the same frequency at the exact same moment in space and time. They are all in fact one and the same, the circle is complete. All three formulate the experience. When all three are aligned they are in fact One frequency. This is the Law Of Resonance at work.

So there is no sound in the forest from the falling tree if you are not there to witness it. In fact there is no falling tree or even a forest without you there to complete the circle, to complete the trinity.


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