SELFishness :: How Can One Person Change The World?

Time for Change - Ornate Clock

There is no glory in mediocrity. There is no evolution in the changeless. There is no honor in awarding our destiny to the few, to be dictated to and led. There is no progress in giving our power to the leaders of the groups to which we so strongly identify.

We need to become SELFish in order to change the world. Do not give your SELF away and have nothing left to give to the world.

You and I are the most powerful force in the universe if we can only just see it. We are gifted with the ability to look within and change who we are at a fundamental level. There is no other creature on this planet that can consciously do that. Many of us fail to see the truth that lies just beyond our critical analytical minds, a truth that if allowed to show it’s self can be the most trans-formative power you have ever witnessed.

We are born into this physical world to be, and to experience all there is to experience and be the greatest or the worst that we can. We have a responsibility to discover the inherent genius that lies within, no matter how long it takes. For some it takes many visits here before they see the truth and for others I expect not so many, however one thing is for certain, you will return again and again until you break through the veil that hides you from it.

Humanity is on the brink of great change I’ve no doubt about that. We must transform or we will expire permanently. We will continue to experience the pain and suffering that we see all around us until we are truly ready for change. When we are truly ready then change will come. In the meantime it is your duty to be the best you can be at everything you do no matter how small, and to be self centered to the point that you bring about change in your SELF.

From here, you will begin to effect and change the world, for the better, one person at a time.


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