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The better you become at describing reality, the better you will be at controlling it. When you can describe something, you are able to grasp it.

There are better and better ways of perceiving something, and there are more and more precise ways of describing something. Rising in awareness, growing in knowledge and raising consciousness is for the purpose of knowing reality through being better at describing it and hence being better at creating and controlling it. Science is about describing reality precisely.

You gain knowledge for the purpose of gaining the power to get what you want. It is about control. Until you are able to control something, you do not know it fully. The reason why we all want to learn anything is so that we can get what we want. Knowledge is the power to get what we want. Science deals with the study and experiment of natural forces so that we can understand them and then control them and use them. Science reaches its master level when it can control a force. To control is to know.

The secret of so-called intelligent people lies in their awareness. Clarity of mind is determined by the level of awareness. A sharp intellect on one side and stupidity on the other are not degrees of intellectual development, they’re different levels of awareness. Stupidity is a psychological shield, defending a person from unwanted information: “I don’t want to know anything! Leave me alone already!” A sharp mind is exactly the opposite – openness and the desire to obtain information: “I want to know everything!”

To a varying degree, unawareness sets in when a person does not want to face reality. The desire to walk away from the impending reality, forces the ostrich to hide its head in the sand. It is not possible to completely bury oneself under the covers and fall asleep. So, this person unwillingly attempts to block his perception, thus lowering his degree of awareness. In order to become more aware, one must be willing to face and handle things head on. This is strength attained when one chooses to be strong.

Universal Laws function throughout the universe. When someone turns on a light bulb, they are using the law of…

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