Our Reality Is A Cross Section of A Higher Dimension


The objects of our world are in reality cross-sections of higher solids traversing our space.

Think of a three dimensional object such as a sphere passing through a two dimensional object such as a very thin piece of paper (the paper is thee dimensional but imagine it to be with an infinitesimal thickness so that it like two dimensional). When the sphere passes through the paper, the perception from imaginary inhabitants within the paper will see the sphere as a circle that expands in their space, and then the circle contracts until it disappears out of their space.

Think of our three dimensional world and the objects within it as having an “infinitesimal thickness” in the fourth dimension of reality. That is why our universe is said to be a hologram and everything in it is a hologram. Matter is an illusion but simply a projection from a higher dimension of reality which is mental in nature. We may also realize that our physical bodies are projections of our higher bodies. Our physical forms in third dimension are cross sections of our fourth dimensional selves.

Some people think that transcendental means something beyond our perception and therefore out of reach for us to grasp. In truth, everything which is to us transcendental exists nevertheless in some space. It is therefore possible that by an intention of consciousness we may we able first to apprehend, then to perceive as real, that which is now considered transcendental. The whole evolutionary process consists in the conquest, dimension by dimension, of successive space-worlds.

Many things which we as human beings perceive without difficulty instantaneously in space, a lower form of consciousness can only perceive over time. A worm requires time to examine an angle or a hole, but we can perceive such things instantaneously from our view. Therefore, time to one level of consciousness, is space to higher level of consciousness. This explains the concept of instantaneous or “simultaneous time”. Beings in a higher dimension than ours can observe events that occur over time for us in our space, simultaneously in their space as a complete geometrical pattern of probabilities spread out before them to see from beginning to end in an instant.

This is why a fourth dimensional concept cannot manifest instantaneously into our space in its complete form, but has to occur over time as an event for us to perceive it. A fourth dimensional concept such as the “Word of God” exist instantaneously in its complete form in the higher dimensional space, but fully manifests in our third dimensional space as events that occur over time. That is why the History in third dimensional reality is His-Story that is playing out over time for us to experience.

The objects of the fourth dimension passing through our world would manifest as a principle of growth, or change. Therefore what exists in the third dimension is perceived to be changing, but in the higher dimension, it is unchanging as its full form has always existed outside time and space. All higher dynamical reasonings use motion as a translator of time into space or space into time. That is why, when we look back in time over a collection of events, we see how “God’s plan” has unfolded over time. We get to see the “complete picture”. Whereas if we were to use understanding, we could perceive the “grand scheme of things” even while it is still unfolding.

Living with a higher perception of reality enables us to live with harmony because we are able to sense our “place” in the universe and know how what we are doing is fitting into the overall order of things that has been ordained from a divine level. Without this perspective guiding and assuring us, we could be lost and confused and keep banging around not knowing exactly how things should be. We would be wondering and wandering. Knowing from a higher perspective is to know what is truly real.

A steam of water falling vertically upon a plane surface trends naturally to spread out in the form of expanding concentric circles. The force of the expansion will depend on the pressure of the stream from the vertical or third direction. Likewise, the expansion and contraction of gasses in our third dimension are due to fourth dimensional forces exerting themselves in a “fourth direction” on them. This is why it is easier to telekinetically influence things that are less dense or more fourth dimensional in nature. There is less force required. You can more easily exert mental control over things like clouds, gasses, heat, sound energy, thought-waves, emotions, Chi, electric and magnetic energy. You can do telekinesis more easily on clouds through the process of “cloud-busting” which is the act of willing clouds to shrink and vanish faster.

Understanding the interaction between the third and fourth dimension also enables us to understand how….

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