Mind Reality :: Super Genius Level of Intelligence and Qualities

The level of Super Genius is far higher than the genius level because super genius contains Transcendental Genius. Genius may understand the highest levels of physics in this realm, but Super Genius understands higher dimensional physics and philosophy. A super genius’s thoughts are transcendent and higher than that of a genius. In order to truly […]

Be A Conscious Creator

Wokenbit :: Be A Conscious Creator Today

You can experience what you wish by consciously altering your thought to that which you wish to experience. Every time you move from one experience to another today, decide before entering into the next experience, what it is you want from it. Do this consistently and Et Viola! you will begin to see alterations to […]

Man on mountain

Wokenbit :: Create A Quiet Space To Reconnect

There is a social hierarchy that seems to exist in our society in it’s current form, it says that you are responsible for keeping commitments to someone in a higher place. It says that if you don’t keep these commitments then you have failed. This could be your boss, your spouse, your children, your parents, […]


Wokenbit :: Look For Positives In All Circumstances

The world is a reflection of that which lies within you. Whatever you focus your attention on, the Universe delivers. All you ever desire comes forth from the realm of the absolute where there is no good or bad, where there is no right or wrong, where there is no love or hate. Everything simply […]

Time Does Not Exist

Quantum Theory Proves That Time Does Not Exist

The word “Mechanics” used in the term “Quantum Mechanics” indicates a machine like predictable, buildable, knowable thing. The Quantum Universe in which we live, whether we want to accept it or not, may seem on the surface to be mechanical and linear but it is not. It is probably better described as an infinite multitude […]

A Holographic Universe

The Big Bang Is A Holographic Projection of The Universe

The Big Bang is the theory about how the physical universe began. It is assumed that in the beginning, all matter in the universe was compacted to a very dense point in spacetime known as a singularity. When the extreme mass of intense gravitational pressure could no longer contain itself, it exploded and released itself […]


Our Reality Is A Cross Section of A Higher Dimension

Some people think that transcendental means something beyond our perception and therefore out of reach for us to grasp. In truth, everything which is to us transcendental exists nevertheless in some space. It is therefore possible that by an intention of consciousness we may we able first to apprehend, then to perceive as real, that […]