Something From Nothing :: How The Universe Creates Itself

Something From Nothing

How does the universe create itself, magic? Yes I’d call it magic. The universe, you, me, grass, and every piece of living organic material on the Earth, through it’s life time creates itself from nothing.

Stop and take a quiet, long, hard look at creation. Take a long hard look at you, your physical form. I’m not sure words can convey it’s brilliant nature.


A seed receives moisture from the soil and begins to expand. It’s contents burst forth from the husk and reach into the ground for nutrients, and it does this all on it’s own. What is this energy or force that makes this mere collection of chemical elements combine and want to grow and want to live upon definite lines that every other seed of it’s kind has done before it? Is it running some kind of software program that predetermines it’s path? Where is this program? Who or what says it should expand in this way and for what ultimate purpose?


A tree will take Something From Nothing, will take what we call energy from the sun, and from the earth, and from the air in the form of nutrients, and other forms of energy from the ether and combine them within it’s structure and use the intelligently created combination to create new structures, branches, leaves, flowers, fruit and grow and mature. It will cast off parts of it’s self during it’s life time which fall back into nothing again. It will eventually fall back into nothing itself and become nothing, for other somethings to create all over again.

What’s Doing All This?

Consider that all matter or stuff in our physical awareness has formed from chemicals, that have formed from energy, that comes from nowhere, from nothing, yet everywhere at the same time, as has been the case since the origin of the universe. All of this nothing is infinite, it exists forever and all at once, without space or time constraints. We attempt to measure the existence of everything in our awareness and what seemingly existed before we became aware with our analytical minds and impose linear methods of analysis on the immeasurable.

This on it’s own is a futile exercise. We can never uncover the truth by means of our current methods of scientific analysis alone. We attempt to find the origin of the universe with the wrong tools. Yet, at the same time we gain great insight and learning and advancement of our species from this practice. We must use both the spiritual (internal) and a scientific (external) practice to uncover The Truth. We must remember that space and time is but a creation of our own consciousness and therefore blinds us from the ultimate truth.

I Have A Problem

Science is a study of the physical universe and the physical universe is merely a tiny sliver, an immeasurable cross section of the infinite ultimate reality of everything. Some have said that the physical universe is less than 1% of the entire ultimate everything, however I have a big problem here. I understand the actual universe is an infinite universe existing separate from space and time and as such how then can we quantify it? And by natural conclusion, how can we quantify the physical universe as a part of that?

Everything Is Infinite

We can not, and as such this 1% assertion is nonsense in my humble opinion. Everything is infinite at it’s fundamental nature. Everything exists forever and merely transforms over the infinite moment that we all occupy. The universe only seems to be  quantifiable. Simply look at a sphere or a circle (look at Pi) or the coastline of a country to see the universe is infinite in it’s very nature. We merely apply our measurements on what is immeasurable and fabricate conveniences in order to make sense of what our brains are telling us is here.

Wow, That’s All I Have To Say.

Energy or Infinite ranges of fluctuations in space (or is that non-space?) are the smallest degree to which our analytical minds have managed to drill down into the physical world in which we dwell. There may be smaller but this is as far as we’ve got before we go into pure scientific speculation.  Is it not incredible to contemplate that this energy has the intelligence to combine, or is directed by an intelligence to combine with other versions of itself to form structures that in turn combine to form other structures that in turn form even more complex forms and so on to the point that we see ourselves in the mirror and everything else in our environment? Or even to contemplate that without you nothing would exist?


Find out more about the origins of the universe at our friends at Mind Reality

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    The way all grows is by collecting instructtion, code. cod agglutinates, like language, over a framework. What provides gorwth is language, a program,. All languages are programming languages and grow around a correct framework. DNA – Code, contains life and all of its secrets written in it. So, all grows arounfd code, be it conversing , exchanging, copying, languages and genetic code, all writeen since when, “in th beginning it was word”, code. It is the enigma. Solve it, reality is fake. I truns in software, emulated in our minds. All is a reflecttion of mind… It is all inside… Fix it inside if you see anything wrong with it..

    • This is an accurate assessment on a scientific level I think. Isn’t it amazing how this universal intelligence operates? Isn’t it amazing how these minuscule particles know how to join and become greater structures? Imagine humanity’s leap forward when we consciously make a decision to work together in harmony and not seek to destroy one another.

  • The Anthropic Principle implies that the Cyclic Model of the Universe is vastly more likely than for there to have been a single Big Bang event. It amazed me to read that Mellen Benedict, during his near death experience, (that fits well with String Theory), was shown that yes, there were an infinite number of Big Bang events extending back into eternity in the past.

    I guess it only makes sense that fundamental energy would certainly exist long before our material universe was in all probability invented!? The writings of Dr. Chaim Henry Tejman shed much light on this subject.

    • Thanks for your comments Dennis. Can you post a link here to some Mellen Benedict material?

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