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Looking for a good reason? Here’s three!


Love & Rich Tea

Rich Tea are one of my favorite biscuits. When I sit down to write an article for you I have to make sure that I have a cup of tea, a packet of Rich Tea biscuits and love in my heart, otherwise the article just won't come out right! Chocolate Rich Tea are even nicer!

Questions Answered

We are presented many pressing questions in our modern fast paced lives about what our purpose is, where are we from, where are we going, what is it all for, how can I just be happy? I like you have these questions too and I write to try find the answers.

Unique Content

I write pretty much all the content on except some occaisional posts from trusted and highly regarded writers on the subject of Science, Metaphysics, & Spirituality, so you are guaranteed unique reading every post. Above all, I write for you.