The End Of Illness :: The Regeneration Of The Human Body

Regeneration of The Human Body

You are not who you think you are. That is to say that if you identify with your physical body, your appearance, then you are not seeing the truth.

What got me thinking more about this was a video lecture by Richard Dawkins where he touches on the subject by referring to a book by Steve Grand called “Creation, Life & How To Make It”. Steve Grand suggests that not a single molecule of your body today was present in it when you were a child, and so your body today is most definitely not what your body was then.

That is to say that as your body matures it not only changes shape but changes completely. Every cell that comprises your body is renewed every few years. I used to think that the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly was an amazing thing (and I still do), but what about OUR physical transformation? Is it not equally brilliant? Just because it takes a perceptually long “time” to occur it is no less amazing.

This is supported by scientific study and experiment so without conducting the experiments myself, I’m inclined to believe it. After all, my skin sheds cells every day, I loose hair from my body, I sweat, I heal, I cut my nails, I consume new cell building material in the form of breathing air and eating food, I defecate etc. I loose cells and create new ones all the time so it is a plausible suggestion to me that my body regenerates completely over a given period of time.

Life is not the stuff of which it is made — it is an emergent property of the aggregate arrangement of that stuff.- Steve Grand

So What Are We?

This is a complete show stopper. Everything changes when you come to this question with the understanding that whatever you are you are not your body, although your body is a part of what you are, at least while you are here on earth. “Thought substance” is the best explanation I’ve come across thanks to Wallace Wattles. This is an incredible contemplation. The possibilities just become infinite when you consider this.

This realisation throws up lots of questions and possibilities. How does illness stay in the body? Why is physical disability such a permanent situation for so many? Why do some remain overweight for their whole lives? Why do rare cancers and diseases appear in the body for only some people? Why do some smokers not get cancer? Surely we can learn to heal our own bodies? Why do we look outside ourselves for the cures? If cells in our bodies respond to thought, then surely we can consciously decide how our cells should behave? Why can’t we live forever?

If I can instruct my brain to send signals to muscle groups in my body to move my arm up and down, then I could tell smaller parts of the structures of my body to perform or behave the way I want, right? Why not?

Are we on the verge of the end of illness?

I’m not sure what we are exactly but I do know there is something, some higher form of intelligence at work and my experience thus far suggests we are an integral part of it. Meditation can be a route to this source. Working in the moment and shutting out the chatter is definitely another. Although the latter needs a lot of persistence to succeed.

Here’s to a time in the near future when humanity evolves to a stage where we realise our full divinity and capabilities. I believe this will be the “End Of The World” as we know it and a transformation for our species.

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