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A Concept Of The Universe

For as long as we have walked the earth we have sought to explain our surroundings and our place in the universe. Many great things have been discovered on the way and in addition, many of what we term “bad things” have been brought about.

Whether or not life for mankind on this planet has become better or worse is entirely dependent on the seat you sit in i.e. the belief systems you have adopted during your lifetime and the things you spend your time focused on.


Science, Religion, Philosophy, combinations of these and many other “ologies” have sprung up over the centuries with their A Concept Of The Universe, where we come from, why we are here and where we are going. All claiming that they are right and everyone else is wrong, with some even suggesting that anyone who doesn’t follow their ideology will be damned to an eternity of fire. Even those who seek a secular world have developed a beast of their own in their efforts to slay the beast that they despise. – Theirs is the “There Is No God” philosophy.

I view things in a very simple way….you are God. Period. You and me and everyone else on this planet are individualisation of a single light, present here to experience what it is to be, and not to be. On our journey to realization of our oneness we are to aid our fellow humans in their progress towards The Truth in collaboration with the Eternal Light and in harmony with our surroundings, our planet. Organisational Religious philosophy and segregated communities of “believers” are destructive to The Truth. The Truth being; WE ARE ONE. Segregation and organization of groups of believers in one dogma or another, leads to affirmation in the minds of those people that we are separate from one another, that they are right and others are wrong. At what could be termed, a socially acceptable level this leads to disagreement and argument. At a governmental, and at it most profoundly acute level it leads to hate, war, suffering and destruction.


Dominance of the Ego is the major cause of this suffering in the world and at present it is in the driving seat. It has been so for a long time, however transcendence of the ego is not the answer. The ego is required to function in this world of relativity, however I say it must be treated like any other tool at our disposal and be put back on the shelf when not in use. Ego (or whatever you wish to call it) was not meant to take the lead role. It was meant to be a means of interaction, a means of identifying each other in this world, but it has taken over life here. We have totally identified with our false selves and with the world of form. We believe, (with our Ego leading the thought process), that there is nothing beyond the physical world and life after death is some kind of esoteric nonsense that we don’t have to worry about right now. We can deal with all that death stuff when we are on our last legs! The Truth is that life never stops. Energy can not be created or destroyed, it merely changes form, and we are no exception.


The Universe simply IS and we are an integral part of that. We are not separate from it although we believe ourselves to be so. The Universe is like an infinite sphere, a cloud of potential, of possibility, of occurrences waiting to happen. In Mahayana Buddhism it is referred to as INDRA’S NET and is the nearest I have come to a realistic explanation by any organized ideological religious system to what I see as the the actual reality of the Universe. What manifests the occurrences in the Cloud (LIFE) is YOU. We exist in physical terms within the infinite Cloud. We exist in what is like a wafer thin sliver of the Cloud where all this stuff seems real. The Cloud is never ending yet at the same time does not exist, at least in terms of the physical universe.

Consciousness (you) allows the minute energy packets within The Cloud to form structures. It is not the packets of energy that possess the intelligence to form objects, it is YOU who do the forming. The YOU I refer to is not that with which you currently identify, it is not your Ego. It is consciousness, the real self that is always being, that dictates how forms should be taken. It is YOU who are the God power and you have come here to experience yourself in the formation of your world. Alas, we do not understand. We “believe” God to be external from us and will save us if we “believe” in him (It’s nearly always a male figure). But we hold a fractious belief, one that is ultimately destructive.


But I understand there to be a vein of gold in the mountains and we will find it, it’s inevitable. But first I understand there is required a great tear down of our current Ego based belief systems around who we are. At the risk of being interpreted as being dramatic, I understand that this tear down WILL BE dramatic and will entail total destruction of our current way of life. Only after a great fire can the forest grow again stronger and better than it was before. There must be death and destruction before there can be regrowth. There must be winter before there can be spring. There must be complete removal of the illusion before we can see The Truth. We must be foolish before we can be wise. Such is the nature of cycles within cycles in the constant creation of life in the universe.

In the meantime, be appreciative of all you have and experience. Have reverence for all life of earth and only take from the earth what you need, do not be wasteful. Enjoy what this physical existence can give in all it’s abundance but do not hold on too tight, all is dying away. Give of yourself but do not empty the vessel. And LOVE everyone and all things. This is where GOD lives. This is HEAVEN on Earth.

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