The Quantum Level :: Slow An Apple Down And You Will See It’s True Nature

Basket of Apples

Nothing really exists the way you think. You are living in a dream where everything seems actual, physical, real to you, but you’ve been tricked.

[Post Update 10/10/14; Reviewing things we write further down the road sometimes produces us finding flaws, or elements that could have been written better. Sometimes I cringe when I read some of my older stuff, like it’s so much worse than what I write these days. The truth is we become better at this and so we can always find improvement in what we did before. Such is human nature and the nature of the entire Universe.

This article is no different. I should have written the title as “speed an apple up and you will see its true nature” because solid objects are vibrationally much slower than non-solid objects. The subatomic properties of electrical signals and light for example move much quicker than the impulses of solid objects. We need to slow down the frequency of light produced by electricity in order for us to see it. It’s the opposite with solid objects. Maybe I’ll find a better way to explain that in the future. I think it needs refinement, something is not quite accurate about it for me yet…]

Look around you, in your current space. You may see a table, the floor, your hand, your car outside the window, a tree, and lots of other stuff. You think it is solid, real, definite but that’s just your brain’s interpretation of what’s really there. Let me elaborate;

Everything in the universe is frequency, a wave, a fluctuation, vibrational in it’s true nature. If you could put an apple on an oscilloscope, like you do with an electrical signal, you would see it’s waveform.

Electricity generated by humans in power stations travels at 50 to 60 Hz (Cycles per second) depending on where it’s generated. That means in one cycle, the electrons that comprise the electrical impulse pass through one full cycle from zero to its peak positive, back to zero, through zero and to it’s peak negative and then back to zero again. There are 50 of these cycles experienced every second in generated electricity (In Europe, in the US it’s 60).

When you look at an illuminated light bulb you can not perceive the “ons” and “offs” because the frequency of the electrical signal passing through the electrical filament of the light bulb is too fast for your brain to see. The bulb appears to be “On”. However this is simply an illusion, your brain has been tricked. The light bulb is actually being turned on and off 50 times a second. If we slow the frequency down to a level which our brains can become resonant, we can now see the “ons” and “offs” of the light bulb easily.

If we could slow the frequency of an apple down we could perceive it’s true nature. The fact is that every single thing in this universe that we perceive is vibrational including us. We are, as Eckhart Tolle says, much like a musical note rather than a solid physical thing.

Life is a musical rendition of dancing vibrations in an infinite space, interacting with other vibrations in constant exchange. There is no death only movement and exchange of infinite forces powered by God.- Woken Mind


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