The Truth Part 1 :: The Reason We Are Here On Earth

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What are we doing here? How did we get here? Where are we going? Humans have been contemplating these questions for as long as we can tell.

So have we an answer? I reckon we have, if we choose to see it.

What if I told you that everything you thought was real, was unreal? What if I told you that every belief you hold on to was a fabrication of your mind? What if I told you that freedom from the frequently unhappy and constant “ground hog day” cycle of what you refer to as “your life” with all it’s varying degrees of discontent could be removed and you could finally be free from the pain that sits at the back of your mind, rearing up every once in a while leading you to unhappiness at best and contemplation of suicide at the other extreme?

There is a reason why you are here, you must understand that.

Every human has a choice every moment of their life but few realise they have the power to exercise that choice. If you actually had a choice would you choose to be unhappy? The answer to that is quite obviously – No. So from this we can deduce that unhappiness is not our default state of being. Happiness, Joy, Peace, Abundance and Love are manifestations of our natural state. When you come to KNOW this for yourself you will wonder how it ever escaped you before.

Most humans believe that they must experience these cycles and wild fluctuations in emotions and they have no control over them. Most are run by their emotions and their wider environment. Most are programed to believe that the world happens to them, rather than they who happen to the world. I’m not suggesting you ignore your emotions, emotions are a valuable feedback mechanism, but You must rule You and all the tools at your disposal. Your tools at your disposal must not rule you.

Tools I refer to;

  • Emotions
  • Mind (thought)
  • Body

So Where Do You Start?

Firstly, you must be willing to go to a place in your mind where all your belief systems can be torn down and can be rebuilt. You must grasp that everything you experience is in your mind, and nowhere else. You must be open to change and grab it with both hands.

Some bloke call Albert Einstein said;

We cannot solve the problems of today with the thinking of yesterday that we used to create them

If you are suffering today, have done at some point in the past, or expect to in the near future as per familiar patterns, take solace, because there is a way to leave this behind forever.

You chose to come here to experience all there is in this physical world. You are an expression of The Truth and you express the truth through your unique talents and abilities. The answer we all seek is right in front of our noses, all we need do is look.

 In Part 2 we will look at the science behind The Truth.

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