The Truth Part 2 :: You Are Thought Substance, The Universe Is Vibrational

The Universe Is Vibrational

You think that you are form. That is to say you believe that you are a solid object, a human being, a physical thing. But you are not, at least, that’s not all you are.

You’re brain is the receiving station for your senses. Your senses take packets of information from your environment and send this information to your brain. Your brain converts this information into pictures (We think. Science does not know where the pictures are). In this previous article we explain how the brain works with data received from the outer universe.

If up to now you have thought that YOU are comprised of a body, your personality, your knowledge, your mind etc then you are only witnessing the surface of a great ocean that is YOU. When you come to realise that YOU are much more than that, a new way of thinking and living comes about.

The Radio Receiver

Human beings have managed, through great people like Nikola Telsa and Guglielmo Marconi to uncover and manipulate the forces of nature to benefit humanity. In doing so our whole surface way of life has been transformed. With radio transmitters and receivers we can send and receive information invisibly through the air across great distances, but they can not send or receive frequencies to which they have not been tuned.

Our Brain

Our brains work very much like radio receivers in that they are tuned to particular frequencies of vibration, and considering then we see that it is not possible for humans to perceive that which is outside the rage of perception of our receiving stations, at least in the physical dimension.


We know there are frequencies of light for example that our eyes can not see and our brains can not perceive and we are OK with that, we just need to understand that there are an infinite range of frequencies in the universe and we are only tuned to perceive a narrow bandwidth. Considering everything in the universe is vibrational and applying the same reasoning we see that our brain can only see what it is tuned to see.

You are much more than your brain is telling you is there. You are much more than you believe exists. You are viewing the infinity of the universe with a small telescope, you only get to see a very small cross section of that which is infinite. You are like sightseer viewing the scenery through binoculars- she only gets to see a small piece of what in front of her at any moment in time.

Your Job

Your job here on earth is to witness and experience all that is good. If you experience all that is bad then that is what you have created for yourself. Humans have the infinite power of creation at our finger tips, we just need to exercise that power. If your experience has been woeful then change it, make a decision today to change it. Your depth and ability to experience all that that the universe has to offer is infinite. Make it happen, it is up to you.

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