The Truth Part 4 :: Your Eyes Reveal All Of The Secrets Of Your Heart

Eye's Window

There is no escaping it. If you need to know the truth behind someone’s words and actions you must only look them directly in the eye to see it.

Have you ever experienced this?

It is a practice worth perfecting, for if you persist and perfect the act of maintaining eye contact you will see truths in other human beings that may have been hidden, and also reveal the truth in your own heart. To use this practice for effective engagement with other human beings, you MUST be centered in your true self. If you are not, the truth will lie hidden from you, and your relationships will lack true honesty and connectedness.

Simple But Not Easy.

Many many people walk this earth with secrets hidden deep in side, secrets that remain from past experiences damaging the body and the soul of the entire population of the earth. The number is very high. I would suggest 99% of the population carry pain from past experiences deep in the corners of their minds. This pain restricts the flow of energy through their bodies creating blockages to relationships and success.

It is simply executed when you drop your resistance, however dropping the resistance is not easy when you have invested a lifetime building it up.

These blockages in the mind and body limit the ability of humans to connect to each other and is a major cause of conflict. We shroud ourselves in ego and false persona’s to hide the truth from the rest of the world. We are afraid to display our true selves for the FEAR of rejection by others. We engage with others throughout our lives constantly holding back our real selves. Everyone hiding from everyone else.


Any human being who has released this pain and embraced The Truth will be empowered and finally be witness to their true selves. It is simply executed when you drop your resistance, however dropping the resistance is not easy when you have invested a lifetime building it up. With this power it is impossible not to see the truth in others hearts. When you are open and have seen God’s power for what it really is there is no fear. You disable the fear, instead of fear disabling you. You can finally BE your true self. It is indescribable freedom from false self.

Wasted Energy

How exhausting is maintenance of the Ego? How much damage is Ego maintenance doing to the body’s of human beings?

Maintaining the Ego takes enormous amounts of energy and it is ultimately destructive. With some people it can be very obviously seen, even by others who have not truly disconnected from their own Ego self. For the majority it is very subtle but no less damaging. For many the pain is so deeply rooted in childhood experiences and pushed so far into a corner it can take a long time to surface. It generally manifests via outbursts of verbal or physical abuse of others or themselves.

True Relationship

If you are fortunate enough to recognise it in yourself then you may be on the path to release. Once you do manage to discard this mind concept of who you think you are, you will finally, probably for the first time be able to look your loved ones, friends and others in the eye and hold your gaze with a willingness to understand the other person and be happy to give your true self to the short or long term relationship.


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