The Truth Part 5 :: Life Is Now, Is Timeless, Is Everywhere All At Once

Life Is Now

You do not have a past, you do not have a future, your life is now, ever present, always has been and always will be. You are Now, timeless, everywhere all at once.

You are not a compilation of your past experiences and you are not building yourself to be some particular version of you at some point in the future, unless that is, you decide that you are. Most people believe they are a product of their so called past and unwittingly act out the role which they believe they have been given by life.


Now, when the realisation comes to bear on your consciousness that you actually are in control of this version of you and you get to decide who and what you are, then you access real power for the first time. You see that “you” act on an infinite cloud of un-manifest stuff, in which your awareness moves interacting with other versions of the same awareness in this cosmic dance.

Your life experiences are in constant creation by virtue of your thought about yourself, the world around you and other people in it. Most of the human race are completely ignorant of this fundamental truth, and if this is the first time you’ve read an assertion such as this and it has sparked something in you then you may well be waking up.

Realisation of the above fundamental truth can be very scary because it means that you are not you! Or at least, you are not who you thought you were. It is disconnection from the Ego and reconnection to Source. It is something that most people will hide from for most of their lives, however, ultimately there is no escaping this, we all find it in the end.


Realisation of this timeless awareness, that is fundamentally you, can come from the understanding that time is a concept of the human mind and not real or tangible in any shape or form. Our current earthly structures are built around the adherence to form, structure and measurement, and an absolute “Belief” that these structures, including time, are real. They are not.

Humanity is deeply asleep and has been for some time. We have pretty much zero knowledge of who we are and what our role is in the greater scheme of things. Science and Religion attempt to give us something concrete to believe in however herein lies a significant problem; Belief. Belief has bound us to these structures that others have formulated and our history is one of acceptance en masse without question.

The Illusion

We crave rules and regulations, and others, be they individuals or organisations, tell us how to live and what to say and how to be, and we allow it. Most of our action is based in fear, fear of being discovered, fear of loss, fear of someone else, fear for some future. The good news is this is all completely illusory and a fabrication of a mind that believes we are finite beings and that we must get as much as possible before we die.

The Truth is we are timeless beings who never die. We are the timeless awareness that has no identity. We are the silence from which all things arise and eventually fall back in to. We are the quiet and the noise. We are the everything and the nothing. We have nothing to fear and everything to love. For those who pass from here in the full grasp of the illusion there is peace awaiting them.


Time is an abstract thing we use to measure something we believe to exist, but it does not. When we realise that time is not real and our lives exist in an ever present moment that ever changes gifting us with an infinite selection of experiences then we see who we really are. We don’t have to go too far to find it as it lies within everyone of us waiting to be rediscovered. The Truth is that life is not linear and we are not passing from birth to death in a straight line, we grow out in all directions all at once. Life is everywhere all at once and we are IT.

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