Top 5 Tips For Happiness Tip #1:: Take Responsibility

Take Responsibility For Your Own Life

Ever sit and wonder what it’s all about?

Ever wonder why we endure the hum drum groundhog day type of existence with the uninspiring job, the constant commute in traffic, the seemingly constant low hum of discomfort just below the surface coupled with just about bearable levels of stress that make you want to fall into bed exhausted at the end of the day?

Or why we only seem to get short periods of enjoyment in our lives and spend most of it working to pay off mortgage and other debt? Or why we constantly postpone our happiness to a later date like a holiday, or weekend away, or next year, or retirement? We put off happiness for the sake of something less than happiness until tomorrow…

Alas, tomorrow never comes and we spend a lifetime enduring this less than happy state. It’s a cycle of life that pretty much all of the population suffer under and simply don’t know how to rectify.

There’s a better way…

Well I’m happy to report that there is a way. I know it and I’m going to share the first of My Top 5 Tips For Happiness with you….

However, if you’re looking for a quick fix you are in the wrong place. Quick Fixes are for Yo-Yo Dieters, Serial Goal Setters, New Year Resolutioners, Convenience Addicts, Media Consumers and so on…

If you are serious about changing your life for the better and finding permanent happiness then read on…If not then you’d better leave because change is difficult.

Tip #1 Take Responsibility

I’m going to get in your face a little bit….  You need to wake up and take responsibility. You must face the fact that you got yourself into the situation you are in by virtue of your decisions and you are the only one who can remove you from it. You can not determine the actions of others but you were reciprocal to them therefore you were part of the creation.

The first thing to acknowledge is that you are where you are, and to deny this in the face of your difficulty is detrimental to your happiness. Society has conditioned you from the time you were a child and there is nothing you could have done about that. Now you are presented with an opportunity to become the greatest version of you that was ever possible, but you must accept that the only person responsible for where you are going now is you.

There are plenty of sympathisers out there who will stand for hours listening to your tales of woe, but they will not help you one little bit, they will in fact by virtue of their willingness to indulge you will compound your difficulty. You must find stimulation in the opposite direction, from people who will help you grow the opposite of what you currently are experiencing.

Acceptance is the beginning. It is surrender to what is. It is not lying down to die, it is realisation that fighting the current wave only strengthens it. Surrender to it and allowing it to be is called “going with the flow” and will ease you into a new mental state where new growth is possible.

Acceptance may come by reading a passage such as this, or may take a few days, or a few weeks. It’s likely to arrive at the very bottom for you, that place where things just seem hopeless. But one thing is for sure…

Nothing is more important than your happiness. Once you take responsibility things will begin to change, I guarantee it.

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