Top 5 Tips For Happiness Tip #2 :: Take Time To Be Lazy

Take Time To Be Lazy

The world requires us to be busy, and stay busy. Busy is not only good but is vital according to every single benchmark of modern “westernised” society, but this is fundamentally flawed idea.

Modern society and the systems that comprise it, deliver a steady and consistent message via those who have come before us, via media and educational channels, that we must produce.

Production and profit comes first above all else. If the Earth and the people who inhabit it are to be sacrificed in the name of profit then so be it, it’s a necessary evil in order for society to be sustainable.

Even within the systems themselves, people are sacrificed. Public services and public servants that are engaged to run them make decisions based on bottom lines and stamp the death warrant of the most vulnerable in our society in the process.

The Daily Trudge

We, the people, who are in the trenches of everyday life, have swallowed the undeliverable promise of a better future from the captains of industry and political leadership. We must produce and keep producing for the best years of our lives, for the sake of the promise. Alas, tomorrow never comes.

We have been convinced that along the way to this better future, we must engage their systems, borrowing money on the back of our potential to repay, rising for work every day, 5 or 6 or 7 days a week doing jobs we’d really prefer not to be doing, employing strangers to care for our children and undergo this just about tolerable level of existence, for what?

The time we do manage to spend with our families and alone for ourselves, has become a premium, and even then we fall under the illusion that the relief from our mostly quiet discomfort can only be found in the shopping malls or on the TV set.

Bad news and tales of fear and woe is piped into our living rooms via what has become the most potent tool of the marketeer, the TV set. The TV set has become our window to the world and every false promise that can be conceived by the sales men and women at the other end is delivered to us on tap, 24 hours a day.

Our lives are shaped by this fake window to the world. Marketeers jostling for your attention, uncover the things that stimulate you the most, dramatise it, elaborate on it, paint it up and sell it back you in bucket loads, along with your antidote.

Your antidote has become consumption of disposable things that we really didn’t need in the first place. So we consume, they call us consumers and we soak up all that they can sell us.

The Reality Of Our Existence

The reality of our existence has become a case of barely surviving beneath a constant, persistent cloud of discomfort. We occasionally experience moments of pleasure and peace but it’s rare.

I’m not talking about material survival like money and stuff, I’m talking about psychological and emotional survival. Anyone can have a big house, a big car, nice jewellery and the trappings of material wealth.

Working your butt off can certainly bring those things, but you can not take them with you, the are passing, they lose their lustre in the face of psychological and emotional torment. That fleeting joy is not sustainable.

When the peace and happiness comes, say when we are on holiday, we convince ourselves that this is not normal. Normality waits for us on the other side of this pleasure and normality equals discomfort. But its the way life is right? We have no choice we must except how it is right?

Absolutely not. I completely refuse to accept this as set in stone. If that is the case, if there is no possibility for the ideal life I would not have been given the idea in the first place.

Wherever ideas come from, for I cannot be totally sure, I did not receive those ideas so that I could not realise them, and neither did you. Do you believe that the idea of a perfect life was given to you just to tease you? Do you think that it’s “just” a dream and you can’t have it?

If you do you never will.

We are creators of our own reality. When the reality of our experience is one that is not pleasant we have the ability and potential to alter that reality to our desires. The saddest thing is we don’t believe it. If we could only believe it then we could know it.

Even if what I say is not true, I can not think of a better way to live.

Tips For Happiness #2

So, I’ve laid out with a moderate degree of detail all the things most of us wish NOT to experience but do. So after Taking Personal Responsibility for our own lives, how do we begin to realise it?

This is a big move, but there comes a point in our lives when we are backed into a corner by our circumstances, like Donna Hartnett, that we have no choice. Then we take action.

For me personally, one of the keys to significant life changes in the right direction, was to drop my need to please others. This might not seem significant but I assure you it is. I decided to take time to be lazy, to time out, to take time under the bridge.

For almost a year I did what I wanted, when I wanted. The short term effects of this meant that some things suffered, but others flourished. Realisations came to me that would never have had the space to before.

I would suggest that you too take time to be lazy, to give yourself space for as long as it takes for you to feel good on a consistent basis. When we are constantly fulfilling the needs and wants of others, when we perceive happiness to be on the other side of meeting commitments and responsibilities, then we spend our time doing so.

As Alan Watts says;

Happiness Is Here & Now

We never get there because there is no “there” to get to. There is only here and now. There is no future to aspire to, only the present moment and we sacrifice it for the idealistic promise of a better future that never comes.

We must put ourselves first, not others. How can we possibly be of any benefit to the ones we love the most when we constantly put the demands of government, bosses, neighbors, mothers, fathers, peers, friends etc before the needs of ourselves?

If everyone put their own happiness first then the world would be happy. Others who are deeply immersed in the illusion of the physical existence and the promise of a better future will try to convince you that you are being selfish, you should put others first, but they lack understanding.

They say “don’t please yourself, please me”. They have an idea of how life should be and they require you to comply with that so they can be happy. It’s a nonsense ideology.

Happiness is our birthright. It is our now if we can grasp the truth and stand aside from the illusion that we have built through society. It will take time for us all to understand this, but I believe humanity can not but do so, it is inevitable.

Take the first step by putting your own happiness top of the agenda. Life is simply not worth living in the face of the lack of happiness.

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