What Is The Difference Between Intention And Prayer?

Intention and Prayer

One of the most important things to know is the difference between intention and prayer and using the power of the mind to manifest your desires.

For what is within our power and wisdom to specify, we may intend.For what is beyond our power to direct or wisdom to specify, we may pray about it. Intending and prayer are the ways we bring our intentions into manifesting in reality.

Intending and praying are two different ways of causing things to happen supernaturally. The only real difference between intending and praying is whom you address. By intending, you acknowledge yourself as the source of power influencing reality. By requesting, you humbly address forces wiser and more powerful than yourself. Intending is a lower level intention whereas prayer is a higher level intention.

Intend for the mundane things you know you need. Intend for a good parking spot, intend for the perfect product or service at the perfect price, intend for a good job when you’re looking for one, intend for a positive and exciting day. Intend or it will be left to chance.

Be specific when you intend. Mentally outline or visualize what you want. This sharpens the focus of conscious energy upon that selected probable future. If you want a red dress under twenty dollars, then visualize the red dress and intend that it be under twenty dollars. If you want compensation for the money you just spent on a book, then intend that you be doubly compensated. If you want a safe road trip, then go over each potential complication and intend that it not arise. Whatever your intent, be specific. You are projecting your own energy into the matrix of probable futures and selecting a particular one to manifest.

For the more important things, pray about them. Prayer is also requesting. Request knowledge, wisdom, insight, guidance and protection. Request an answer to a puzzling question, request illumination, request that you learn your lessons as smoothly and efficiently as possible, request that you are given the best opportunities for fulfilling your potential. You cannot intend for these because they are beyond your wisdom to accurately specify. Therefore leave their fulfillment to the discretion of wiser forces like your positive Higher Self, the Universe, and divine forces. Be general and earnest in your request, and have faith and patience. By being general you leave the outcome entirely open and thereby allow possibilities to manifest that you could never have imagined.

Intending is commanding, and when done wisely commanding is the proper exercise of spiritual power. Over time reality will tell you what is mundane and what is significant, and you’ll get better at intending for what is within your place to intend. Requesting is asking for the help of wiser forces. Such forces respect freewill and only assist when you request. The point of requesting is to make use of the network you are part of, to allow higher aspects of yourself to do things that you yourself cannot do because of your limited evolution. Never requesting anything keeps the door closed. Disappointment means reality has something better in store for you at a better time.

Although you can use intention to manifest what you want, there is no need to intend all the time in everything. Intention is thought-power and it uses energy. Conserve your intention-power so that you can focus on using it on the most important things. Whatever you set an intention on, you would also want it to happen, because when it doesn’t, it would cause doubt in your intention power. Intention needs constant focus and mental energy for it to manifest. It is tiring to intend in every little matter. Sometimes it is better to just relax and not care about the smaller things. Concentrate intention power on the main goals in your life and set general intention on all else.

The same thing can be applied to prayer as well. Although you can pray for everything little thing in life, you might want to concentrate your prayer power on your main goals in life. Prayer uses spiritual energy, and a portion of that energy is converted from your mental and physical energy. It is wise to conserve and concentrate energy for most effective and efficient use. You would also want your prayers to be answered because each unanswered prayer would create doubt about God. You have to keep asking in order to receive, therefore focus your prayer power on your main goals in life that you would be motivated to keep asking, and relax about all else.

Intending is making use of the power of the universe by thinking or saying “I intend” or “I create my reality”. Although you can use intention to cause things to happen supernaturally, doing it solely all the time leaves out a relationship with God. When you pray, you think or speak in terms of “Oh God…” and “I ask”. It is up to you to decide when it is more appropriate to intend, and when it is more appropriate to pray depending on the situation you are in and the thing you desire to experience or manifest.

God is a Yin-Yang or combination of feminine and masculine aspects. When you intend, you are using the power of the Universe which….

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