What Time Is It? :: There Is No Time, The Time Is Now.

There Is No Time

Forget about the clock. Forget about the calender. Forget about the time you think you have to do what ever you think you need to do because it does not represent anything tangible, or intangible for that matter, in the actual reality of your existence.

Time is a theory. Time is an illusion. There is no Time. It is a phantom you chase all your life and never manage to catch. “Time Management” methods and theories merely serve to solidify the apparent reality of it. You spend your “Time” lamenting the lack of, or the inability to control it. Well the answer to all you seek is in the FACT that TIME does not exist. That’s why it seems so illusive and controlling of you. You give it your energy and so you are weakened.

Cycles, not Time

Show me time. Give me an example of time, not a demonstration of it’s apparent effects. The effects most commonly referred to as Time, are not Time but are the consequences of the natural cycles occurring in the ever present Now of the universe. Some ancient cultures on earth had no attachment to a concept of time, they saw the movement of seasons and larger cycles in their reality and formed their existence here in harmony with these cycles.

The calendar is a convenient method of tracking the movement of these cycles in our universe. But the calendar and smaller measurements of “Time” is totally flawed and inaccurate. We conveniently add and take away seconds, minutes, days etc to suit ourselves. Take the leap year for example. I don’t have all the answers but I’m unwilling to accept that time is real and has substance because there are too many inaccuracies with it for me.

Time Is a Tool, Not a Way Of Life

The measurement of what was conceived as passing Time, was created by men so as to put a degree of “order” on our interactions here, to make some sense of our existence. Like any other system of measurement of our environment it is certainly handy and at this particular stage of our development, very important for us to use in our efforts to get things done in the physical world, but that is where it must stop.

Clock time should be left to the world of interactions and getting things done, and after that should be put back in the box of tools where it belongs. Humans have become so adhered to the apparent reality of Time that we are completely absorbed by it and now live our lives enslaved to it. We are totally led by our mind and the concepts built up in our minds to such an extent that we miss the actual reality and beauty of the world around us.

All We Have Is Now

There is not time. Understand that there is only ever Now. An infinite Now with the ability to move in an infinite number of directions at the same moment in the field of creativity depending on our conscious or unconscious thoughts. There is no past and there is no future except of course the ones that we create by virtue of our incessant mind activity. Past is just a memory, a snap shot of a previous moment in the Now. Future is an imagined moment that may or may not come about and all the while when we contemplate these “Past” and “Future” moments we do so Now.

The Now is not a concept, it is real, we all know this because we experience it every moment!

The Origin Of The Universe

Science is on a quest to discover the origins of the physical universe. This is completely futile exercise. The origin of the universe is within our consciousness it’s not “out there”. If science ever gets to grips with the fact that Time does not exist in actual reality then they will realise how ridiculous this search actually is. Our primitive understanding of our existence and mental and psychic abilities inhibit our understanding of The Truth. Ironically The Truth, or signs of The Truth are evident in every day things and in scientific discoveries.

Take the circle or sphere for example; Both have infinite properties. A circle’s diameter is only measurable when we cut it into a straight line but has an infinite length as a circle. A sphere has an infinite surface area and capacity. It may seem to possess definite values and properties to our eyes but these can not be measured definitely, we must apply a conveniently adjusted factor in order to obtain a satisfactory result, and even then it’s only because a bunch of mathematicians decided to accept a rounded out value. I refer to Pi. The Truth of the infinite nature of the universe is held in the circle and is plain to see from this relationship of it’s circumference to diameter.


The human race is at a necessary and pivotal stage of our universal development and I believe we are entering a phase where all the nonsense to which many of our race adhere will fall away. The systems on which our world and society is built will collapse and new ones will be built. Some say this is happening already, I’m not sure, we might not see the shift in our lifetime. However I am convinced that it is with all growth in nature that there must be destruction first. Destruction for us will come in the form of the end of (the concept of) “Time”.

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