Why Should We Take Anything Seriously?

Why Should We Take Anything Seriously

When we consider the transient nature of all life and existence, the question comes to mind; Why Should We Take Anything Seriously?

All things come out of what we consider to be nothing. The truth is we simply can not detect it with our sensory equipment, but we can sense it if we manage to quiet the mind and pause the senses for a while. When we manage to connect to the nothingness and consciously realise that everything and everybody we know will fall back into that nothing, then all the problems we seem to experience begin to be meaningless. Nothing is a problem.

I believe it is our adherence to the physical universe and our pursuit of happines there that causes our problems. We believe that we live on this line from birth to death and all that we need to do while we are here is to fix our minds on the achievement of this that ot the other and we’ll find happiness. The reality is that happiness is right here now, not in an imaginary future.

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I'm a Blogger, Marathon Runner, Husband & Dad to 3 kids. I started Wokenmind so I could share with you all my thoughts on Existence, Consciousness and The Universe. I used to think "there's got to be something more to life" then I found out that there is none, and yet there is. It turns out, it is quite literally what we make it.