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Be A Conscious Creator

I won’t claim to have developed this little gem of a tool myself, I got it from Abraham Hicks. It is basically this; As we move through our day from experience to experience we must be consciously aware of where we are going, who we are about to interact with and what result we wish to have in this next experience.

If we do this we can have what we want. We are the creators of our own reality and it is so in every moment we experience. These moments that we experience have been created by our thoughts over a very long time, our whole lives in fact. The reality is things don’t just happen, you have built the occurrence into reality by virtue of your repetitive thoughts over many months and years.

So now you know you can change it. You can experience what you wish by consciously altering your thought to that which you wish to experience. Every time you move from one experience to another today, decide before entering into the next experience, what it is you want from it. Do this consistently and Et Viola! you will begin to see alterations to the positive in your life.

Do it today, be a conscious creator and keep it up all day every day. Consistency is the key.

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