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From the time you wake to the time you lie down in the evening, you are running around from A to B to C keeping commitments to other people. What about YOU?

There is a social hierarchy that seems to exist in our society in it’s current form, it says that you are responsible for keeping commitments to someone in a higher place. It says that if you don’t keep these commitments then you have failed. This could be your boss, your spouse, your children, your parents, your teachers, your customers, whoever. Everyone is answerable to someone else right? WRONG.

Your primary responsibility is to YOU. Get YOU happy. Get YOU healthy. Get YOU fit. Get YOU comfortable. Get YOU content. Get you wealthy. Get YOU to a place of peace where you can reconnect to your true self and re-discover that magical substance that you came into this world with. For without it you burn out, you become sad and disillusioned, eventually.

So today, get to that quiet space where YOU can reconnect with YOU.

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I'm a Blogger, Marathon Runner, Husband & Dad to 3 kids. I started Wokenmind so I could share with you all my thoughts on Existence, Consciousness and The Universe. I used to think "there's got to be something more to life" then I found out that there is none, and yet there is. It turns out, it is quite literally what we make it.