Wokenbit :: Look For Positives In All Circumstances


Understand that our thoughts create our reality.

The world is a reflection of that which lies within you. Whatever you focus your attention on, the Universe delivers. All you ever desire comes forth from the realm of the absolute where there is no good or bad, where there is no right or wrong, where there is no love or hate. Everything simply IS in this place. It is us, from our position of physical form and from the world of the relative, that these polarities become actual in our awareness.
So today, look for the positive in all your experiences. Judge not, for in your judgement you shall see yourself reflected in the world. Let it be.

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About Larry G. Maguire

I'm a Blogger, Marathon Runner, Husband & Dad to 3 kids. I started Wokenmind so I could share with you all my thoughts on Existence, Consciousness and The Universe. I used to think "there's got to be something more to life" then I found out that there is none, and yet there is. It turns out, it is quite literally what we make it.